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I want to tell the stories of the Radicals - the ones who are out making the world a better, more beautiful place! The amazing authors, artist, musicians, thought leaders, coaches, who are out there living their true awesome lives and want to help others do the same.

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    • 16 Kimber Bowers
      The Creative Nomad with Kimber Bowers Why I loved this interview: Kimber’s practicle steps for dealing with anxiety and depression are lifechanging. Bio: After struggling most of her life with Clinical Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety, Kimber has discovered the keys to joy and fulfillment and wants you to do the same! As an Integrative Mind-Body… […]
    • 15 Natalie Mgonja
      The Creative Nomad with Natalie Mgonja Why I loved this interview: I absolutely love Natalie’s laid back vibe. She is so confident in herself and the world around her. Bio: Natalie is a Tanzanian communications specialist and event planner from Tanzania. She was born in Tanzania then relocated to Long Beach, CA when she was… […]
    • 14 Kirby Ingles
      The Creative Nomad Show with Kirby Ingles Why I loved this interview: Kirby was such a pleasure to talk to and his stand for changing the conversation around fatherless men from what is wrong with with them to what is right. Bio: Kirby Ingles is a Leadership and Transformation Coach who has been working with… […]
    • 13 Thomas Prettyman
      The Creative Nomad with Thomas Prettyman Why I loved this interview: Thomas is the real deal. He has been through so much and truly just wants to help others avoid the obstacles and find healing. Bio: Thomas has overcome massive obstacles in life and is now using those lessons to build a coaching program to… […]
    • 12 Nick Venegoni
      The Creative Nomad with Nick Venegoni Why I loved this interview: Nick and I talk about trauma in the LGBTQ+ world and how to heal Bio: Nick Venegoni is a holistic coach and counselor for queer spiritual folks, offering online support to those in need of healing the wounds of homophobia. He is also the… […]

I am calling all Radicals - The Creators, The Entrepreneurs, and The Coaches who aren’t afraid to bring forth a new reality – to make the world a better, more beautiful place! It is time to get to work, to design our futures, and to live our true awesome lives!

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