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I want to tell the stories of the Radicals - the ones who are out making the world a better, more beautiful place! The amazing authors, artist, musicians, thought leaders, coaches, who are out there living their true awesome lives and want to help others do the same.

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    • 10 Vision
      The Creative Nomad with Vision Why I loved this interview: Vision has seen many different successes, and failures. Yet, he keeps going back and wants to help others. Bio: Over the years, I have worked as a mortgage broker, retail sales manager, and business owner. This eclectic mix of roles gives me well-rounded perspective on… […]
    • 09 Eston Swaby
      The Creative Nomad with Eston Swaby Why I loved this interview: Eston is a master at getting people through imposter syndrom! Bio: Eston Swaby is a Mindset Coach to entrepreneurs and coaches. He helps them to have the confidence they need to make a bigger impact so they can make more money doing what they… […]
    • 08 Bishal Katuwal
      The Creative Nomad Show with Bishal Katuwal Why I loved this interview: Bishal was so easy to talk to and maybe, just maybe, if you follow his advice, I might not want to kill you when it comes to your bots. Bio: I help coaches who are struggling to grow their business so that they… […]
    • 07 A. Lynn Blanco
      The Creative Nomad with A. Lynn Blanco Why I loved this interview: A. Lynn’s energy is infectious! A self-made woman she talks about following your gut no matter who or what is up against you. Bio: A. Lynn Blanco is the owner of Blanco Travels and the host of The Travel Agent Podcast. She assists… […]
    • 06 Brian Basilico
      The Creative Nomad with Brian Basilico Why I loved this interview: Brian is just THE expert when it comes to social media marketing. He drops a ton of value bombs and really reminds us why B.A.C.O.N. is really the key to life! Bio: Brian Basilico is an award-winning author of the best selling book “It’s… […]

I am calling all Radicals - The Creators, The Entrepreneurs, and The Coaches who aren’t afraid to bring forth a new reality – to make the world a better, more beautiful place! It is time to get to work, to design our futures, and to live our true awesome lives!

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