I Needed a Reboot!

I decided that I wanted to see more, wanted to live more intentionally, and decided that I needed a Radical Reboot to my Life! So I am getting an RV and hopping on the open road.

Those who know me might think I’m crazy! I like being in the city, barely make time to be in nature at all, am barely scraping by with bills, and don’t have an RV.

This Page is to inspire those who might feel stuck in what they are doing now or might need a little encouragement and guidence along the way to their True Awesome Life!


It is time to get to work, to design our futures, and to live our true awesome lives!

I am calling all Radicals, Creators, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches who aren’t afraid to bring forth a new reality!

The Radically Awesome Entrepreneur Operations & Growth Society is for the bad-assed people who were told you can’t do that for a living get a real job and they turned around, flipped the asshole off, and did it anyways!


The Latest from Jeff

The Road to Nomadic Episode 10

In this episode we are back in the RV discussing some plans for the interior and some of the mindset shifts that it may take to be a digital nomad.

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Using Mail Merge in Zoho CRM

Today we are going to use Mail Merge in Zoho CRM to get documents signed. (before automation) The reasons we would do this is so that we have the flexibility[…]

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10 Mini Reboots

Because Sometimes We All Need A Reboot!

As a creative entrepreneur, I know the unique challenges of keeping the creative juices flowing while trying to run a business and have a life.

That is why I compiled these 10 simple exercises you can use to get your day back on track when you are feeling stuck, discouraged, or just plain need to start over!  

10 Mini Reboots by JP Adkins

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