#30DaysofPride Day 8

#30DaysofPride Day 8

I am participating in a 30 Days of Pride Challenge and thought that these stories might be an inspiration to you whether you fall somewhere on the rainbow, or just want to live your life more authentically.

When talking about PRIDE we mustn’t leave out the Pride celebrations! My very first one, I went over to Windsor with a couple of other people from One X. We got lost and ended up somehow marching in the parade carrying the big pride flag.

I am telling you, you can’t make this up!

Pride was also a factor in me getting kicked out of my Aunt & Uncle’s house when I lived in PA.

My Aunt and I had a conversation after my then 5-year-old cousin asked about my then-boyfriend and I sleeping together. 

My Aunt asked that he does not spend the night any more and I realized soon after that this that relationship wouldn’t work. (totally unrelated)

Fast forward about a month and a half and I met someone else online who was from Jersey and was going to meet me at Pride. I had asked permission to have him spend the night but I guess my aunt forgot. I had a wonderful time with him and he came back and stayed so he could catch the train in the morning.

My cousin said something to my aunt and all hell broke loose. All for the best though. I got my own place and ended up moving to Center City and running 12th air command.

I stayed at the Renaissance Marriot in Detroit for one Pride, had walked up to pride a few times with my pup Tedd & Fiancé Edward when I was in Ferndale, worked a booth with the Spiritual Life Center for one, and even did PR for authors at Palm Springs Pride.

All-in-all they are great fun if you have the right people around you.

Have you ever been to a Pride celebration?

Till tomorrow…

You are loved,

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