The Road to Nomadic Episode 10

In this episode we are back in the RV discussing some plans for the interior and some of the mindset shifts that it may take to be a digital nomad.

Setting Up Zoho CRM Part 2 Creating Templates

Today we are going to create a fillable contract template that pulls from custom fields in the Deals Modual. Get your free Workflow Worksheet to get rid of some of the digital cellulite and make your back-end sexy here: If you haven’t yet tried Zoho One, what are you waiting for? It has everything…
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Using Mail Merge in Zoho CRM

Today we are going to use Mail Merge in Zoho CRM to get documents signed. (before automation) The reasons we would do this is so that we have the flexibility of Zoho Writer when creating the document. This is very helpful when you are using images and text! Get your free Workflow Worksheet to get…
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The Road to Nomadic Episode 9

Join Jeff and Prince Rupert as they begin the path of becoming a Digital Nomad criss crossing the United States. Currently, we have gotten a 1980 RBR Mini-Cruiser and will start the process of getting the #TrueAwesomeLife RV.

Setting up your Zoho CRM Part 1 Sales Flow

In this video we take the first step towards automation in Zoho CRM – setting up your sales flow. All part of my program Radically Awesome Opps which helps you remove your digital cellulite and make your backend sexy! Get your Workflow Worksheet here: Get your free 30 day trial of Zoho One:

The Road to Nomadic Episode 8

I am so sorry for the delay in this video. I have had so many tech issues getting this to upload. I think you will find it is worth the wait.

The Road to Nomadic Episode 7

Today being a holiday for many, including my family, the topic of family weighed heavily on my mind. I have lived in other states before, and live far enough away now that there are no surprise visits. Just one of the considerations when you are preparing to become a digital nomad, full-time in an RV.…
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Setting Rules in Zoho Books

The first way to automate your Accounting using Zoho Books is to set rules for your transactions. In today’s video, Jeff shows you how. Get my CRM worksheet by going here

True Awesome Life Live Stream

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[Tool Tip Tuesday] Which Should You Use Zoho Showtime or Zoho Meetings

It is an age-old question which video app should you use Zoho Showtime or Zoho Meetings. Both are full-featured but one gets my vote over the other for hosting a training. Decide for yourself with Zoho One – Your Business Management Platform. Get a free month’s trial at Need help setting up your CRM…
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