The Road to Nomadic Episode 6

Being with The Prince has taught me many lessons. I swear he is my little Taoist Master. Here are just a few that I find important for any creative entrepreneurs out designing their true awesome life.

Thoughtful Thursday

One of these days this will be done around a campfire or with other Radically Awesome Entrepreneurs. Each week we’ll have a little chat (five to ten minutes) with the intention of inspiration, connection, and motivation along the path. This week’s topic: Do You Undervalue You?

The Road to Nomadic Episode 5

A lot has happened this week in my prep to go nomadic but the biggest news is that I am working with Legendary Marketer to support you in your Radical Reboot. There will be a ton of details to follow but for now start with a free 15 Day Challenge by clicking this link

The Road to Nomadic Episode 4

The Prince has arrived! We get to experience some of the first today and get a reminder that we are worthy. Hey Folks, Last week’s episode was difficult to make and it was probably difficult to watch. This really is my journey. I was getting texts every 15 minutes from someone who owed me money,…
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