Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. I was working in a high-stress financial service position that wasn’t feeding my creative passions and that was getting me down. Then life started to happen including my car going down, my mother who I take care of go into the hospital, and finally the reason I existed, my dog Tedd, dying.

I just shut down after that and if I am honest probably should have checked myself in for a brief visit in a padded room but I had all this training that I “should” just snap out of this.

Can you relate?

Instead, I talked to some of my mentors and coaches and I went back to the systems I have taught many creative entrepreneurs, designers, and coaches to set up their lives for creativity, productivity, growth, connection, and ease.

I am rededicating my life to making sure no one else feels this way and getting these systems out there before my creative friends and colleagues go into meltdown.

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