#30DaysofPride Day 14

#30DaysofPride Day 14

I am participating in a 30 Days of Pride Challenge and thought that these stories might be an inspiration to you whether you fall somewhere on the rainbow, or just want to live your life more authentically.

I remember this instance when I was new to the whole gay thing when I was at the original Backstreet (there have now been a few different iterations) with my brother.

I had only been to the club a couple times at this point, but it was quickly becoming my favorite place

There was something magical when the screen would come down and videos would start playing, or the light show, or the hot-sweaty guys dancing in various states of undress to the latest Thunderpuss remix.

There were catwalks around the dancefloor where the hot (and some not-so-hot) guys would dance and while I was a good dancer (I mean I better be after 3 years of color guard, drum corps, and winter guard) I always had a little belly.

On this night, I had thought about going up there, getting to the first step, but chickened out.

Out of nowhere, my brother was right behind me and blocked me from getting off the step.

Over the throbbing music, he said to me something that I will never forget, “You will never get this moment again, you will never be this young, this beautiful. There are so many people in this place that wish they could be you. Get your ass up there!”Then he forcefully took off my shirt before he pushed me up the stairs.

He sat at the bottom of the stairs kinda bobbing along to the music for a couple of songs making sure that I didn’t come down too soon.

After that, I often spent time on the catwalk when we were there. I was never the hottest, but I could hold my own up there.

You aren’t getting any younger or prettier…what are you too afraid to do?

(Carl Cox did a great set of the old remixes so DANCE!)

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