#30DaysofPride Day 4

#30DaysofPride Day 4

I am participating in a 30 Days of Pride Challenge and thought that these stories might be an inspiration to you whether you fall somewhere on the rainbow, or just want to live your life more authentically.

I grew up in a very Christian household. Hell, I went to church 3 times a week, won preaching competitions, and was offered scholarships to Bob Jones University.

When I came out, it wasn’t without its issues.

Although, about two weeks before I came out I was dropping off my cousin (who was also gay but not out) after we went to the club the night before. Someone said something and my 85-year-old Mamaw said, “That boy can’t help it he is gay.”

I was shocked, but I digress. My mother gave me the going to hell speech and even disowned me for about a month when she found out from another cousin (Who I hadn’t even met) told my family I was in a drag show. (That John Milan produced, my boyfriend and my landlord were judges, and I wasn’t even old enough to be in the bar so couldn’t win even if I wanted to)

It wasn’t until I got the whole “Pray the Gay Away” package from my other grandmother for Christmas that things eased up with my mother.

Now, we can talk about pretty much anything. She moved in with me and my ex (with who she had an amazing relationship) and was a great comfort after we split.

Now, I don’t think she is joining PFLAG anytime soon, but she is super supportive to my nieces who are on the rainbow.

Sometimes it takes time for people to understand who you are but it doesn’t mean you have to water yourself down for anyone.

I am so thankful that my life went this way, I have seen so many people whose lives didn’t but in the end, I was not going to compromise who I am to make others more comfortable. (that doesn’t mean I was all rainbows when I walked into her house) There is a way to have tact after all but I refused to play the pronoun game, I didn’t shy away from the hard talks, and I stood firm in the life I was born to lead even when it was difficult.

Where are you letting people’s expectations dictate your life?

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