2021 Gift Exchange Network Party

Do You Need More Clients?

Our mission at Coaching Depot is to connect entrepreneurs with clients! That is why we have set up the 2021 Gift Exchange Networking Party from January 24-31st 2021! This is a chance for you to get your message out to thousands of people all in one place so that you can stop working so hard, worrying at the end of the month where your next client is going to be coming from.
It is also a chance for us to improve our message. Feel free to comment on what worked and what didn’t work about the messaging using “I” statements so that we can build people up (What really worked for me or what didn’t work for me or what I think could improve…)

Network with others who are all out for your highest and best!

Be a part of any other events that we have throughout the year!

How the event works…

  • give your 3-minute elevator pitch in the main event group and be critiqued for effectiveness. We are going to be using these for a video directory for people to be able to reference for whatever their needs are.
  • You can post any commercial you may have.
  • You could give away any freebies for lead gen.
  • You could go live in an event and do a product demo or presentation.

So why should you? After the event, I am going to organize all of the Elevator Pitches, Events, and Commercials into a video directory so that people can find what they are looking for, see your elevator pitch, get your freebie, and even see your product demo all in one place.

And this is not the only event we have planned for this year. You will have access to any event that Coaching Depot hosts in that group and anyone from this and future events will have access to the directory.All this for $10. Even if you get 1 client or sale this year from it most would get their money back!