Free Your Life Challenge

5 Days to Go From Stuck to Free!

Starts November 30, 2020 at 5PM Eastern

You Will:

  • Redefine who you are so that you can powerfully create your future
  • Play with possibilities that you never knew were available in this moment
  • Work on ways to have fun so that you can be more productive
  • Learn the 3 things it takes to design a True Awesome Life full of freedom of actions, options, and income!


Hi folks Jeff here and I am the founder of True Awesome Life and the host of The Creative Nomad Podcast. I now live in a 1987 Kit Roadmaster 5th Wheel with my young puppies, Prince Rupert & Prince Fredrick, so that I can live more intentionally, see beautiful places, and show others that you can live your true awesome life no matter what that looks like.

I didn’t always think this way and if you found this challenge, chances are you don’t either.  Like many people I kinda fell into a job that paid my bills (barely) but didn’t feed my soul. I got caught up in rising the corporate ladder, eventually getting my dream job only to get it downsized and thrown back into a path that I didn’t like.

Through it all I did online “odd jobs”. I even left the company a couple times to pursue things that fed my creativity, yet I found myself right back at the company.

Can any of you relate?

I stopped seeing possibilities, I became resigned that this was my life, and it wasn’t until I was seriously considering suicide that it finally hit me how stuck I was.

I started working with a spiritual coach who opened my eyes to possibilities all around me. I got out of that job, created my own company and eventually found ways to live my dreams in ways that the person I was couldn’t even imagine.

The surprising thing that came from all this is that I have deeper relationships with the people who matter to me, started accepting myself for all that I am and all that I am not, and became what people call a productivity Jedi.

So look, I am not promising you that you are going to leave your job and go skipping down easy street. What I am promising you is that you will have a new relationship to possibilities so that you can start creating your True Awesome Life.

How the challenge works each of the five days has a short video that explains an exercise designed to open your mind to the possibilities around you and expand your vision of yourself.

I invite you to spend the next 5 days opening your mind to possibilities and see what happens in your life. I promise you won’t regret it.

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