Jeff Perdue Adkins is a productivity master and host of The Creative Nomad Podcast. He has worked with multiple international best-selling authors, artists, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to create brands, grow sales, and create systems and processes that foster freedom creativity, productivity, and profitability.

Jeff is currently living in a 1993 Tioga Montara Class C RV with his young puppies, Prince Rupert & Prince Fredrick so that he can live more intentionally, see beautiful places, and show others that you can live your true awesome life no matter what that looks like.

Jeff is also studying to be a Jedi Cleric through the Temple of the Jedi Order and uses Intuitive Tarot to connect with the Force and deliver the message of connection to all living things.

Jeff & the Princes

Some Topic Ideas

  • Time Management
  • Mediation
  • Personal Routines
  • Business Operations
  • How not to be overwhelmed
  • Personal Branding
  • Downsizing Your Life
  • Living Life According to Your Priorities Not Chasing Green!
  • Connection
  • Depression – living with and thriving through
  • Real Jediism
  • Gay Entrepreneurship
  • Being Yourself Online
  • Living in an RV
  • Living Authentically You
  • Radically Rebooting Your Life

Social Media

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But you can also email.

Jeff Perdue Adkins in his first RV the Mini Cruiser.

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