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Jeff describes himself as a Divine Space anchored by his in-breath and solidified by all other sparks of the Divine. He is a loving, compassionate, and powerful leader who is creating a truly awesome life not only for myself but for those in my sphere of influence. He is an instrument of peace in the perceived chaos. He is a resilient adventurer who chooses to love his life, be the dominant creator, and live in his purpose with health and vitality.

Some of the labels that have been used to describe him are productivity expert, systems specialist, Jedi Cleric, clothing designer, author, speaker, and host of the Creative Nomad Show, and the Fabulous One!

He now assists fabulous authors, artists, speakers, and coaches who are sick of being super-stressed, spiritually exhausted, and over-committed – to live their True Awesome Life.

He is also in the process of creating the Orange Dragonfly Transformational Center and Temple of Jediism which he says is going to be a cross between an RV park and summer camp where people will come to balance their mind, body, spirit, and business.

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Short Version:

Jeff is the Freedom Jedi, and host of The Creative Nomad Podcast. He has worked with multiple international best-selling authors, artists, coaches, and Fortune 500 companies to create brands, grow sales, and create systems and processes that foster freedom creativity, productivity, and profitability.

He now assists fabulous authors, artists, speakers, or coaches who are sick of being super-stressed, spiritually exhausted, and over-committed live their True Awesome Life no matter what that looks like.

Some Topic Ideas

  • Time Management
  • Mediation
  • Personal Routines
  • Business Operations
  • How not to be overwhelmed
  • Personal Branding
  • Downsizing Your Life
  • Living Life According to Your Priorities Not Chasing Green!
  • Connection
  • Depression – living with and thriving through
  • Real Jediism
  • Gay Entrepreneurship
  • Being Yourself Online
  • Living in an RV
  • Living Authentically You
  • Radically Rebooting Your Life

Social Media

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Past Appearances

Here are a few of the shows that I have been a guest on.

One of my favorite talks that I ever have given.

The Power of Bold reminds us that life is made up of many different choices and the bolder choices generally reap the bigger rewards!

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