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Do I Need A CRM System

Get your bonus here : https://zfrmz.com/lR44t8ra3Lmq6NOftK5N In my experience working on systems, most small businesses and entrepreneurs glaze over when it comes to back-end systems for their company. That is why I have created this series to talk about the who, whys, and whats so that you can make informed decisions and avoid “digital cellulite”.…
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Should You Create a Course If You Are Going Nomadic

In this video, we discuss if nomads should create online courses with some of the tips and tricks. You also get my favorite resource that I wouldn’t launch a course without. Click Here For Resources Mentioned In Video: https://zurl.co/uLkC Jeff and his very young Shih Tzu, Prince Rupe rt are gearing up to become full-time…
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Should You Create a Course If You Are Going Nomadic

I want to start a series about making money online. Listen, in my years I have done pretty much everything out there from creating a clothing line to opening an agency. This video talks about making money by creating courses. Click Here For Your Free Book & Call http://products.jpadkinsdesign.com/create-a-course/ Jeff and his very young Shih…
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On The Road to Nomadic Episode 12 – Skillet Pizza

One of the big concerns I have is cooking in the RV. I don’t have an oven, I don’t have enough room (or planned solar) for a microwave, and the fridge is absolutely tiny. Luckily, Robin from Creativity RV gave me the idea to see how to make it on the cooktop. I do have…
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The Road to Nomadic Episode 11 – Making Money

In this episode of The Road to Nomadic Jeff discusses how he plans on making money while on the road. Start your journey by going to http://trueawesomelife.com and click on “Start Your Own”. The Road to Nomadic details my journey from starting out with no RV, no money, and a whole bunch of obstacles to…
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The Road to Nomadic Episode 10

In this episode we are back in the RV discussing some plans for the interior and some of the mindset shifts that it may take to be a digital nomad.

The Road to Nomadic Episode 9

Join Jeff and Prince Rupert as they begin the path of becoming a Digital Nomad criss crossing the United States. Currently, we have gotten a 1980 RBR Mini-Cruiser and will start the process of getting the #TrueAwesomeLife RV.

The Road to Nomadic Episode 8

I am so sorry for the delay in this video. I have had so many tech issues getting this to upload. I think you will find it is worth the wait.

The Road to Nomadic Episode 7

Today being a holiday for many, including my family, the topic of family weighed heavily on my mind. I have lived in other states before, and live far enough away now that there are no surprise visits. Just one of the considerations when you are preparing to become a digital nomad, full-time in an RV.…
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The Road to Nomadic Episode 6

Being with The Prince has taught me many lessons. I swear he is my little Taoist Master. Here are just a few that I find important for any creative entrepreneurs out designing their true awesome life.