The Road to Nomadic Episode 4

The Road to Nomadic Episode 4

The Prince has arrived! We get to experience some of the first today and get a reminder that we are worthy.

Hey Folks,

Last week’s episode was difficult to make and it was probably difficult to watch. This really is my journey. I was getting texts every 15 minutes from someone who owed me money, who had promised me The Prince (Rupert) from before he was born, telling me that he is never paying me or giving me Rupert (Which I allowed him to use in lieu of one of my invoices). It wasn’t until I took a stand that things changed.

I say all that because sometimes it is when you can give up everything and look at things differently when our lives shift. I didn’t have to get Rupert. If he had given me the money, I would have adopted a dog from the shelter. If I had taken him to court, I would have gotten the money.

In the end, it didn’t have to go that way. We have begun to repair our friendship and Rupert is here with me. I have also gone back to where my awesome zone lies – systems creation and have signed my first client.

I did learn a few things though:
Get the contract signed even with a friend.
Have your systems fully set up so that it isn’t even a thought that you wouldn’t sign a contract.
Know you are worth every penny.

If you are ready for a reboot stop by to pick up your free copy of my book 10 Mini Reboots.

Keep an eye out this week as I give away some of the secrets I have used to create systems for best-selling authors and publishers.

You are all loved!