What I Learned Blowing a Tire During a Pandemic

What I Learned Blowing a Tire During a Pandemic

Blowing a tire during a Pandemic

There is nothing so frustrating as blowing a tire. You are just going about your business and poof everything gets interrupted.

I get to the tire shop and get the repair process started and find that they can service it because of the single barrel duelie. So while waiting for the tow truck to take me down the street, we got to talking.

Of course, the virus is on everyone’s mind. The concern palpable. One of the managers here is a single father who is terrified of passing it on to his 9 month old daughter.

Ultimately, I found people opening up to one another, showing concern and compassion. A good joke seems to lighten the room considerably.

It reminded me that at the end of the day we are more alike than different.

Reach out to your neighbors today. If you are out in public, smile at people. (From 6′ away) A little bit of humanity goes a long way.

If you are a coach or lightworker, it is our time to be the light.

If you need anything, reach out.

Be Fabulous!

You are loved!


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