I am participating in a 30 Days of Pride Challenge and thought that these stories might be an inspiration to you whether you fall somewhere on the rainbow, or just want to live your life more authentically.

I took a couple of days off for some well-being issues. 
The heat was really getting to me on the beach and I moved over to a campground so I could plugin and get some air. 
Being in the campground is a whole different experience. 

While on the beach people were constantly driving by but really it was a wave and they were gone. 

In the campground, people get a good look at you and I am always a little worried about who is in the area. 

What if they are homophobes who find out that I am gay somehow. 

Not that I advertise really. 

Other than my meditating flamingo, there would be nothing that would even ping gay on my truck or my set-up. (Although I do have a couple outfits that may cause suspicion.)

And let me just say, everyone I have met in campgrounds has been super nice. 

I had a conversation in NOLA with a few different people the day I was wearing a very questionable shirt. 

Not once did anyone bat an eye. All-in-all, I have heard of little harassment in any of the gay camping groups I have been in but it does happen, so I make it a point to just be a little more vigilant while I am out there.

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