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Setting Rules in Zoho Books

The first way to automate your Accounting using Zoho Books is to set rules for your transactions. In today’s video, Jeff shows you how. Get my CRM worksheet by going here

True Awesome Life Live Stream

Multistreaming with

[Tool Tip Tuesday] Which Should You Use Zoho Showtime or Zoho Meetings

It is an age-old question which video app should you use Zoho Showtime or Zoho Meetings. Both are full-featured but one gets my vote over the other for hosting a training. Decide for yourself with Zoho One – Your Business Management Platform. Get a free month’s trial at Need help setting up your CRM…
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The Road to Nomadic Episode 6

Being with The Prince has taught me many lessons. I swear he is my little Taoist Master. Here are just a few that I find important for any creative entrepreneurs out designing their true awesome life.

Thoughtful Thursday

One of these days this will be done around a campfire or with other Radically Awesome Entrepreneurs. Each week we’ll have a little chat (five to ten minutes) with the intention of inspiration, connection, and motivation along the path. This week’s topic: Do You Undervalue You?

The Road to Nomadic Episode 5

A lot has happened this week in my prep to go nomadic but the biggest news is that I am working with Legendary Marketer to support you in your Radical Reboot. There will be a ton of details to follow but for now start with a free 15 Day Challenge by clicking this link

The Road to Nomadic Episode 4

The Prince has arrived! We get to experience some of the first today and get a reminder that we are worthy. Hey Folks, Last week’s episode was difficult to make and it was probably difficult to watch. This really is my journey. I was getting texts every 15 minutes from someone who owed me money,…
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